International Conference & Journal


European integration process has given rise to institutional, economic, political and cultural cooperation among countries as well as their integration in a single economic system. At the same time efforts are made to preserve national identity of the member countries as well as their regional diversity. Recognition of the diversity of regions, their distinct characteristics and comparative advantages in a unified Europe is of utmost importance for the membership of the Republic of Croatia in the European Union. The tourism has been recognized as a strategic strongpoint in the Adriatic part of Croatia, whereas the Panonnian region of Croatia does not have a clear vision of that. It is therefore vital to explore and determine the underlying guidelines for the development. Since they have always been connected with the practical side of life, the polytechnics are the institutions responsible for the future development. In the last ten years since the establishment of the Polytechnic in Pozega, the development has been focusing on education and the application of knowledge in practice, which has distinguished the Polytechnic as an initiator and an actual development factor. International Conference “Vallis Aurea“ is international platform to achieve this objectives. It will serve as a permanent platform for an interdisciplinary approach to resolving issues related to regional development and innovation. It covers various areas ranging from theory to practical application and continued promotion based on inventiveness and regional particularities. This conference is the first step in our interdisciplinary attempt to organize longlasting international cooperation.